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"Some people don't waste food.
Others don't waste money.
We don't waste opportunity."

The ghood network was originally created to highlight the good supports of Philadelphia neighborhoods, a city rich in social supports. Much of the news about social supports, however, gets lost in a sea of information. Also, there exists a problem with the circulation of outdated or inaccurate information, making it difficult for local neighbors to trust what they see. As a result, we set out to invite neighborhoods to broadcast accurate and updated information so neighbors can best utilize the potential of local resources relevant to the unique needs of each community.


"To produce a change,

people must be organized

to work together

in units of power."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

We happened to be in the right place and time during the 2019 Philadelphia Martin Luther King Symposium on Social Change, where a discussion sparked about using social media as a tool for sharing community knowledge. Later that Spring, technologists from the Code for Philly Hackathon got curious about our project and joined us to optimize neighborhood networks of information exchange uniquely custom to local community needs.


Our technology transmits values of interdependence and the common good of society. Empowering local change, neighbors can now join in sharing vital information to strengthen neighborhood power.

Turning down offers to use the technology to exploit community information for political gain, we stayed true to our values of the common good. Our products do not sell or manipulate people for information, our main interest is to highlight the good in the neighborhood, hence the name of our company "ghood network". "We're local Philadelphians who want to see our communities grow stronger." We want our products to be used as a catalyst for human connection, belonging, and achievement. 

It takes a village!

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