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Reclaim the village

We are determined to remake our lives by taking back what was once taken from us - our families, our power, our right to determine who we are and how we will live in the world.


Unite the village

We accept that we cannot do this alone. We need the help of others to transform the annihilation into village-empowerment. Using the VIP portal as a mechanism to unite local supports.


Value the village

We will offer respect, support, and hope to help challenge the deterioration of our family systems. We will hold in confidence the identities of those who share valuable supports. Treating village members as VIP's (very important persons) who can decide how to best share and receive support. We simply offer tools to strengthen their ongoing efforts.


Devotion to our village

We pledge today to stand together united in our best efforts to heal the village by sharing supports that are actionable, relevant, local, and trusted. We make this pledge to ourselves in the company of our peers on this day forward.



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