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Village Information Power

A network driven by neighbors to engage their neighborhoods.

Serving Philadelphia zip codes 19131 |  19139  |  19143

VIP Services

A toolset to help you organize and share the good supports in your neighborhood

VIP Shulé

Collaborative learning spaces to spark transformative 

local change.

G'hood Maps

Live maps of West Philadelphia where members visualize available 

community resources.


A messaging exchange that

facilitates mutual support and

information sharing.

VIP is brought to you by the ghood network
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Connecting Neighbors.

Igniting Communities.

What is VIP?

VIP offers neighbors an infrastructure of services (tools) to sustain & enhance community communication to address the spread of COVID and more. Our VIP Membership Portal works as a virtual-town hall, neighbors convene to better serve their neighborhoods and receive training around technical skills.

How does it work?

Using video conferencing, maps of local resources, and messaging exchanges, members can troubleshoot local issues and ignite neighborhood-level coordination across topics such as

help, health, healing, and hope.


What's behind

our service?

Communication is central to how we live, but with COVID-19 we can't expect how we share information to stay the same.

United at the right time & place during the Spring of 2019, a small team of human service professionals, technologists, and journalists set out to build a communication system unlike anything ever seen before...

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Who are VIP Members?

Information Handlers

Information Handlers are community volunteers who use the VIP platform to filter and verify incoming information from Shulé meetings and broadcast it live to the g'hood map, making it accessible to community members.

Trusted Advisors

Trusted Advisors are local neighbors with a longstanding reputation in their community. They respond to community requests for support and work as a bridge between information handlers and community members in response to the needs of community members.

Community Managers

Community Managers are higher level coordinators of support and information exchange in the target community. They support all of VIP members, including Information Handlers and Trusted Advisors to ensure neighbors are effectively receiving the help they need.

Community Members

Community members belong to a neighborhood covered by the VIP network, they receive and offer information/services to neighbors. Community members can benefit from VIP services by attending meetings, exchanging messages, and contributing information to go on the G'hood map. They exchange information with other VIP members to help their neighborhood.


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The network is now serving Philadelphia

zip codes 19131 | 19139 | 19143


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